Bryan Wachs CEO & Co-Founder

Bryan Wachs: CEO & Co-Founder,

"In the brief 3 years that I have known Thea Chase, one thing is obvious. Her passion and her work has been centered around one thing. To build the economy in Colorado's Western Slope. By diving in and working with businesses and entrepreneurs across this great region and helping them with their struggles to succeed in a challenging rural economy. I have never endorsed a candidate before, and I realize that those of us who have experiences that help others need to prop up those who CAN and DO help others. Her actions have been selfless and that's why I believe she lives her purpose to contribute to our neighbors and not be selfish. She is one of the strongest, most intelligent people, I have met in my 54 years, and I turn to her for advice whenever I feel the need. She has not been easy on me, and for that, I respect her. Sometimes we need to hear things that make us uncomfortable and Thea is not afraid to begin that dialogue. We should all listen."


"We need strong, intelligent, experienced women in leadership, and I believe she is a great example of a leader.There are a lot of great people trying to do difficult things to right the wrongs of a political system and society that has become divisive when in actuality we are so close. We need leaders who will see past that division, and focus on outcomes, not ideology. I believe Thea is an outcome based leader from her background in private Industry, economic development and local issues. Look at her work and it will speak for itself.We need outcome based leadership the focuses through the noise. America was formed and has grown through diversity of cultures, ideas and beliefs. The way forward is by listening and ignoring the naysayers. Ideas come from the belief in hope and progress. Progress comes from diving in and executing and iterating without fear of failure. Because yes, iteration means failure is inevitable. Thea has these traits in spades. That is why I have no reservations in endorsing her."