Kay Crane, The Blue Pig Gallery Palisade

"I have worked with Thea Chase for over three years as she was instrumental in the formation of The Palisade Art Vision, PAV. As we both served on that committee to bring public art to Palisade, I recognized quickly that Thea is a big supporter of the arts and her leadership was exceptional in launching this successful program. She is quick to recognize a problem area and just as quick to find a workable solution. She listens, researches options and suggests viable options in a very timely manner.

I support Thea because for those reasons and because she has the ability to work on many issues at one time without losing focus on the matter at hand. She has a quick grasp of what needs to be done in any given area without neglecting anything else. She would be an ideal representative. She truly cares about this community."

Kay Crane

Director, The Blue Pig Gallery