Mary Hertert, Fruita Resident

“Around 10 of us are sitting in Thea Chase’s living room engaged in a discussion about the environment and energy. We are there as part of a discussion that doesn’t involve politics, but the real sharing of thoughts and questions around the issues that concern us where we live. This salon-style engagement is the brainchild of Thea’s daughter who wanted her mother to do something other than hash out tired political dogma. This is exactly where Thea Chase diverges from the standard rhetoric of our current political fencing between the two parties. Thea is an independent (not democrat and not republican), therefore not beholding to either party or party influence. It is 100% refreshing to be in a living room talking about something that matters to me with people who share the same concerns from all perspectives. I would love to have these same conversations with my neighbors, truly sharing of the fears and celebrations of collective community-not dominated by political ideology. Thea chase’s house salons covering different topics are posted to FaceBook Live. No posturing, no debates, just frank conversation that allows information to flow. For this and many other reasons I urge you to go to Thea’s website,, and review her resume and background. Thea is fresh, richly engaging and truly concerned about what is happening within Mesa County. It is why I’m voting for Thea Chase, District #54 State House. Check out her 25 years of working with innovative small business projects that engage all ages as our future business owners. She is the current director of Southwest Innovation Corridor that emphasizes innovation-based businesses with leaders from universities, governments, businesses, Chambers and Agencies regionally and nationally - to move the 8-county rural southwest region of Colorado towards a healthy balanced economy. ”