The Middle Class and Small Business

This is an exciting and challenging time in Colorado and we need experienced leadership that understands and can advocate for the interests of Western Colorado. Our positions and priorities need to be heard, embraced and acted upon. I think in terms of what is possible and I will bring that voice to Denver.

        Small Business is the backbone and engine of our West Slope economy. In fact, 99.7 percent of U.S. employer firms are small businesses, and although approximately half of the nations workforce is employed in small business, 2 out of 3 net new jobs are created by small business. This is even more relevant in western Colorado where small business is truly the economic engine.

        I am a small business person, committed to pragmatic decision-making and fiscal responsibility.  My career has been about rural economic development and I’ve worked aggressively over the past 25 years with hundreds of companies to support their startup growth and ability to create jobs.  As a champion for small business, I believe that it is the entrepreneurs and innovators who will lead western Colorado’s economy into the 21st century, not the government. And it is government’s job to support small business through streamlining and minimizing unnecessary regulations, investing in infrastructure and providing support for education and job training.  And, I can accomplish this because I have the relationships and knowledge of hundreds of profit and loss statements, marketing plans, loan and investor documents and thousands of direct contact hours with our CEOs, owners and founders.

        Most Coloradans dream of owning their own business as a way to work hard and get ahead financially. That dream is even stronger for younger people. Yet, we as a government do little to encourage this kind of growth through incentives and tax breaks, instead our government provides many restraints and roadblocks to this type of innovative thinking.  

        This has become the American Dream, and we must do everything possible to encourage this dream of innovation and motivation. I will explore every possible policy initiative to encourage this new dream. Let us, together, make the West Slope, the leader of Colorado in small business growth.