Statehouse candidates pitch assets for serving West Slope

Thea Chase, an Independent candidate for House District 54, gives her opening statements during the Grand Junction Chamber candidate forum where State House and Senate candidates debated during the chamber's quarterly luncheon Monday afternoon at the DoubleTree Hotel in Grand Junction.

Though it has little to do with serving in the Statehouse, the six local candidates vying for seats there said they all support the idea of consolidating stormwater drainage duties in the Grand Valley, and are very much opposed to a proposed ballot measure to increase setback rules for oil and gas development.


Beyond that, the three Republicans running for the Colorado House and Senate had opposing views on things like the cost of health care and their general approach to representing the region, the candidates said at a Monday forum sponsored by the Grand Junction Area Chamber of Commerce.


Grand Junction City Councilor Chris Kennedy, a Democrat, said what the area needs most is representatives who know how to collaborate with others to get things done.


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  • Charles Ashby