Tom Sawyer: President Tom Sawyer & Associates LLC

Tom Sawyer: President of Tom Sawyer & Associates LLC

"I first met Thea in 2000 when, as a newcomer to Grand Junction, I asked for her help, as Director of the Business Incubator, in finding a job. To my delight, Thea was professional, focused and welcoming to this newcomer and quickly introduced me to a high-tech startup opportunity that became my first employer."


"Since that experience I have followed Thea’s career as she progressed to greater and greater levels of achievement in entrepreneurial business leadership, locally, and in the heart of the high-tech California start-up scene, and recently, internationally, consulting with women entrepreneurs in Saudi Arabia and Dubai. Thea deeply loves Western Colorado as evidenced by her ongoing volunteer work and her service as a leader in local government over the years."


"Her roots are in Grand Junction, but she speaks with the credibility of a national and international business expert. Thea is exactly the type of leader we need at every level of our political civil society, independent, articulate, balanced, credible, involved, and caring. Thea Chase is the right choice to represent the Colorado General Assembly 54th District with a strong, balanced, independent voice."